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Whether you’re conceiving new products, services, environments or experiences, or trying to adapt existing ones, our services can help assure the highest levels of cognitive accessibility at every stage.

Accessibility Testing

Test and improve the cognitive accessibility of your solution or service, whether it relates to information and communication technology, a website, customer services or the built environment.

Services include:

  • Easy read adaptations
  • Technology testing
  • Evaluation of accommodation processes
  • Accessibility policy review & development
  • Site audits (built environment)
  • Client service reviews

Information & Training

Build awareness, upskill your team, and embed cognitive accessibility into your operations with customized information and training delivered by our experts.

Services include:

  • Facilitated workshops
  • Webinars
  • Situation training (mock sessions)

Inclusive Research

Include persons with a range of cognitive abilities in your research and development projects, and in the evaluation of your solutions and service.

Services include:

  • Developing and implementing inclusive research and evaluation methods.
  • Consulting with persons with a range of cognitive abilities on market needs or on the relevance of your research project.


We have been working with Open for over a year and it has been a pleasure; Open offers a professional, fast, efficient, detailed, and conscientious path to engaging neurodiverse communities as advisors for corporate related accessibility projects.

Nadia Hamilton, CEO, Magnusmode

We work with Open in order to develop a cognitively accessible medication management application. They provided us with a wealth of expertise regarding cognitive disabilities and accessibility while ensuring we received input directly from persons with cognitive disabilities.

Dinis Cabral, CEO, JLG Health Solutions

It is always a pleasure to work with you and your students! They were quite remarkable throughout the process. They were available, accessible and certainly their report today was spot on.

Caroline Granger, Director, Valor & Solutions